Hero Destroyed

Album: Throes (2010)

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Song: Army Of Draccoons

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The core of Hero Destroyed came together in 1998 when Zach Moore and AJ Falcione formed a local Pittsburgh metal band. By 2005, after playing the local circuit for several years, the band reemerged as Hero Destroyed with Zach (guitars), Dustin Newman (bass), Jeff Turko (guitar), AJ (drums), and Pat McNicholas (vocals).

In winter 2007, members of Don Caballero tipped Relapse to the band and forwarded along the self-titled CD, urging for a listen. Relapse worked out an arrangement to give the self-titled CD a proper international release while the band writes their first full-length (coming in 2009). Reminiscent of the debuts of label-mates Burnt By the Sun and Mastodon, Hero Destroyed are the perfect addition to Relapse's long running history of bands light on pretension and rich with punishingly technical chops.

Arguably the Steel City's finest modern metal export this side of the 21st Century, the band's mechanistic, low-end crunch impacts with the subtlety of a wrecking ball.

Pittsburgh heavyweights HERO DESTROYED discharge a beastly first full-length in the form of 'Throes'. 'Throes' rains riffs down like ten-ton hammers, while imposing vocal might explodes with venom and rage across 'Iron Lions,' 'Minions,' 'You Might As Well Go Plan B' and more. HERO DESTROYED's 'Throes' is a world class slab of modern extremity.